How To Host The Perfect Party On Low Cost (From $25) (U.S.A)

Events are expensive! The cost quadruples especially if you are planning an event for someone; the overall weight of expectation tends to add to the cost. What if I tell you that you can plan and execute a satisfying event for a fraction of a hundred dollars. If you are planning to host a premium event and you want to keep the budget on the minimum end, this is the article for you.

The $25 Diamond Event Package (For Planners Under 15)

I remember as a teen I always had plans to do something for my older sister but it was always a bit difficult to plan with the amount of money I could save. Well, things have changed and if you have $25 here is what you should do to throw an unforgettable party for someone.


On a $25 budget, there is no need to get out of the house but that does not mean you can create the party atmosphere. You can give your room the perfect makeover with cheap but cool decorations from Amazon. Get these $3 sets of balloons BargainBalloons and follow this balloon decoration tutorial to give your room the perfect party atmosphere.


It can’t be a party if there is no food, right? Well, yeah and you can have quite an interesting menu for the event price. For starters, you will need beverages. For $6 you can get the 7-cup ready to drink lemonade package. A healthy beverage to go with, the main course which will be a huge $1O pizza deal. Lemonade and pizza make the perfect combo. If you want to “splurge” I recommend, you add candy to the mix just to make the event, “sweeter”.

Create A Tailored Playlist

Well, this part is free but is essentially as important. Create a playlist that whoever you are planning the event for will like. This is a great way to show that you care and you pay attention to details about them. You need to do this. If you do not have Spotify or Apple Music, YouTube is always a cheaper and great option. If you have songs that you both like and enjoy, be sure to add them. We know we didn’t add a present to this list but this could be the best present you can give someone in terms of sentimental value.

Get Great Movie

Well, there is nothing better to cap off a small party than with the perfect move. We recommend that you pick something whoever you are hosting the party for will love and will remember. It should not cost you anything above the $5 threshold. if you know what they like, we recommend that you surprise them!

Budget Breakdown

Expense Price
Food and beverages$16

Note: One important thing is to keep the numbers small. You would not want people to spoil your event. Just keep it between you and who you are hosting the party for.

The $50 Executive Package

If you are a parent and if you plan to keep your kid’s birthday or whatever celebration within the $50 budget, here is what you can do:

The Food

One thing about kids is they love “new” things especially when it comes to food. One thing that will give you an edge and make the event one to always remember is to spice up the menu. Seven-layer salsa dip and nachos are a unique meal that will turn heads and tongues. Here is how to make it and it costs less than $20

On the beverage end of things, you are going to need to go lemonade again. 12 dollars is enough to get a party of 10 kids, “turned up”. If you want to splurge, though you can get 12.5 liters of Coke for just under $10 Anda a $1 worth of party cups to go with it.

You are going to need a cake and on a $50 budget buying, one might just be a bit over the edge. The last thing you would want for your party is a lackluster cake, especially for Kids. We recommend you bake your own. It is quite easy. You just need to buy; your cake mixes at $0.90 each and bakes your cake. You must do this a couple of days before the event just in case it does not come out the way it should.


With food and decorations on point, the last thing that you would want is entertainment. If you are going to host a large number of kids video games won’t suffice. The last thing that you would eat is a couple of pf kids fighting over controllers. We recommend you get on a movie. You can get a movie online for just under $2. Great right? Just be sure to ask the kids the type of movie, they would want to watch. You don’t want to impose.

Budget Breakdown

Expense Price
Decorations and Party cups$10
Food and beverages$30

The $250 Platinum Package

If the budget is over $250, you can get the full access package and get an amazing event for your child.


On a $250 budget, we consoling and splurge we will. We will need a cake. A themed cake will be great and for only $35, you can get a themed cake that feeds up to 12 people. For an extra $10, you can get half a dozen cupcakes with the cake.

Kids love pizza, well most kids do and if you are inviting your kids’ friends, you will need pizza and maybe some hotdogs. If you want to add a movie, we recommend that you get nachos and dipping

Candy. This is very very important when it comes to kids’ events. You might need to have abet of a limit but you will need candy and ice cream. If you do not have Walmart close by, here is where you can get some cheap candy. Ice cream, the secret when it comes to ice cream is knowing the popular flavours. Do ask, the kids, about the ice they prefer before making a purchase.


We know you can’t take your kid and tither friends to the arcade on a $250 budget, but what If you bring the park them

Hire A Bounce House

If you do not want to keep the party indoors (keeping young kids indoors is a bad idea), you have to hire a bounce house. You can get one for just $30 from BackyardSidekick.

If you plan to keep the party indoors though, the best way to go is:

Board Games and Video Games

Depending on the interests of who you are hosting the game, you are going to need to have some games. We recommend board games, though they are more interactive and give you a fresh feel on your birthday. Cheap board games are quite in abundance and you are spoilt for choice. It is always a good idea to bring back that nostalgia especially if there are older individuals around.

With video, game sit might be difficult to control the “crowd” especially if there are limited controllers. Several services allow you to hire controllers and consoles for a day. That could be a great option.

Closing Movie

A movie is the best way to cap off an eventful day. You can splurge and get the latest premium movie. You would want to make sure that the event is memorable. You can also throw in popcorn and beverages to recreate the amazing cinema experience.

Budget Breakdown

Expense Price
Decorations and Party cups$15
Food and beverages$70
Console Hire$40
Bounce House hire$60

What Could Go Wrong?

We know that planning an event might not be the smoothest of experiences especially if you are on a budget. Here are some elements that might go wrong and how to get around them.

Price Adjustments

Prices may change and this is a very common problem. The first thing is to remain calm and the second thing is to find alternatives. If you were planning to buy decorations and the prices spike, there is no shame in buying preowned decorations. Always be ready to find cheaper alternatives. Thanks to Google, doing that is quite easy.

Other Kids Cancelling

This is also quite a common problem. Your kid’s friends may cancel. The good thing is that you are there. It is important to make sure that you get firm confirmations when you are planning. Confirm a day before the event the travel arrangements for the “guests”. The last thing you would want is going off budget hiring emergency “Ubers” to ferry your kid’s guests to the party. Just make sure that the travel arrangements and everything else on the guests’ end are agreed on in time and budgeted for. If they do cancel, just make sure you are as present as possible and you make your kid feel as special as they deserve. In the end, it is their big day and cancellations should not ruin it.


Yes, although you might have a budget and you promise to strictly adhere to it, overspending can and will most probably happen. The secret is to make sure that you do not panic. You do not want to get moody and in the end, ruin the party for your kid. If you do overspend the best thing is to make sure that you make cuts on other ends and downsize other expenses. It will only be temporary until l you are back on the financial track. We want you to avoid overspending, but if it does happen, it is never a reason to ruin your kid’s event.

Planning an event is difficult and things may turn out way different from the plan. What is important is that it is always the thought that counts the most and you can always do better next time. Enjoy the event and make it better next time!