The Ultimate UK Event Guide (How to Host A Multi-Carat Event on a £20 Budget)

If you are planning an event in the UK, your budget is the last thing you should worry about. If you thought £20 was not a lot of money (maybe due to the wave of inflation in the world) just wait till we show you the amount of “joy” it can buy. There will never be a better time to host events in the UK than now and we are here to help you host the perfect event.

The £20 Ultimate Value Event

“Anything goes in London”? Well, the statement rings quite true when it comes to planning events in the UK, especially for kids. The £20 note is iconic in both design and value. If you are planning to use it to host a party, then you are set for quite a thrilling ride. Here is how you can plan and execute the event with ease


Well, the first thing that we have to make clear is that presents are complex and there is never a one size fits all when it comes to presents. For the budget, which is £20 it can be quite difficult to get a “lasting” present. Do you know what lasts though? If your answer was a well-planned out event, then you are correct. And we will help you to make an event, “extra”.


The most important thing for any event is “party food”. We recommend you get popcorn (it will come in handy during the “entertainment” part as well). The UK has a wide range of popcorn products, but we recommend you go with local suppliers to cut shipping costs. A popcorn serving should not surpass the £4 mark.

Sweets! It can never be a party without candy, and if you know anything about the UK then you would know that it is the Candy capital of Europe. Hancock’s has arguably the cheapest sweets catalogue in the UK and £5 will get you quite a serving. This is especially important if you are hosting an event for kids under the age of 10.

Cupcakes are also quite essential. On a £20 budget, you can afford the fanciest cupcakes. The best part about cupcakes is that for a small price, you can have a wide range of flavours. Nothing can make a party pop, more than diversity, right? We recommend you go to your local store or bakery for this to avoid over the top delivery charges. £7 should be enough to get some amazing cupcakes.


Well, it is not a party if you do not spice it up with some entertainment. We recommend a great movie is easily the best entertainment option for a party but not just a movie, a themed movie. Add a bit of decoration, dim the lights get blankets and sit on the floor. Remember the experience is all about ensuring that there is a lot of novelty. Here are some of the best classic movies that will certainly blow you and everyone else away. If you decide to go with a theme for the movie, Amazon has some of the best movie-themed decorations in the UK.

In addition, this is where the popcorn comes in. You can recreate the cinema experience but just better with this twist.

Note: Although you may not be getting a present, you can always create a homemade card using paper. Here is a tutorial on how to create a stunning gift card. In addition, you can make a digital collage using, your phone, Free Apps like Picsart and CapCut will easily help you do that. This will add a lot of sentimental value to the event.

The £50 Super-Premium Package

If you do decide to turn it up a notch and decide to go with a whooping £50 budget here is how you can create an event you and your kid will never forget.


I cannot stress this enough the menu is quite the highlight of any event. If you are going for the exquisite £50 event the secret is to go with a unique menu; it does not need to be conventional. This means you have all the freedom to be as creative as you may want to be.

For the cake, I am not a fan of low-cost cakes. Most often than not they taste terrible, and the after-effects are even worse. I recommend you go with a trusted brand of cake mix and bake your cake. Nothing says class and love more than a well-baked cake. Trust us on this one.  Baking a cake using premix is easy and here is how you can do it. If you do not want to go with the baking process though, you can always order cupcakes. The UK easily has some of the best cupcakes in Europe,  if not the world. You will never go wrong with that decision.

Still keeping up with the idea of uniqueness, one of the perfect snack combos up can go with is a mixture of nuts and popcorn. Besides the snack combo being unique, it is also quite healthy. Did we mention that it would cost just under £10 for a serving that can feed five people? Great, right?

For beverages, we can again keep them healthy and opt for lemonade rather than soda. Ready to make lemonade is easily accessible and costs £0.60 on Etsy. The quality-value ratio on this purchase is unbelievable.

If you are looking to pump things up and get value for the money you are spending fizzy drinks are a great beverage alternative. You are probably thinking of regular coke, but you can switch it up. Have you ever tasted Lilt? Well, I doubt your kids have tasted it too. Give it a try and bring that Caribbean taste to your event. Here is a list of Coke alternatives that will certainly turn and twist tastebuds.

 If you are not that much of a fan of “beverage adventure”, I recommend you go with the Coke Classic. It is always a good time when Coke Classic is involved.  


The UK is one area in the world where board game culture is still thriving. If you are going to invite your kid’s friends over, this could easily be the best entertainment idea. One thing you would want is to keep the event as interactive as possible and board games will help you do just that. Some of the best board games may be costly but here is a hack, just pick a board game you think you may like and we guarantee you will find it on eBay for less than £10.

You have to have a great playlist to go with the board games. To add to the flare of the event, you must pick the playlist with your child. It is their event after all.

The £250 Triple Platinum Deluxe Package

On a £250 budget, you can splurge, and we are going to help you do just that.


Well on a £250 budget, you can easily create an outdoor adventure for your little one. We recommend lunch at a place of your child wants to have lunch. One thing about kids is they will most definitely choose family-friendly restaurants. £20 will be enough. The act of dining with a guardian is one of the best things that kids will treasure.

Depending on the weather, going to a water park or the beach is some of the best outdoor ideas that will not offset your budget. Just be sure to add extra for ice cream. You will need that in the UK Summer.  If you want to keep it indoors though, you can always go to an arcade and enjoy some adult-kid gaming.

These activities should take up a huge chunk of the day but to cap off the day, you can add a bit of dancing and karaoke. Kids love Karaoke and you can use the Sing Karaoke app on your phone. It will be something to remember for both of you.


We did talk about going out to eat but on a £250 budget, you can also have a cake. A themed cake is always the best idea. Just find out what character your kid likes the most and get a themed cake for that character.

If you plan to share the cake with your kids’ friends, you will need sweets and beverages to go with it. Keep the sweets, to a minimum, though, the last hang you would want is a set of hyperactive kids after your long day out with your kid.

To make it a little extra, it is always a good idea to go the extra mile, you can add pork pies and Cornish pasties.

The only missing element on the list must be beverages, right? Coke! That is, it. We know some people might have a strict beverage diet but for one day splurging won’t be a problem. We want you to enjoy the event and Coke has enjoyment right in the recipe.


Every kid is different when it comes to presents. There is no one size fits all solution, but we have the perfect advice to share. Ask your kid what they would want. Taking a guess can be quite risky, especially with kids. If you feel, it will ruin the surprise; just try to ask the question. Just avoid guessing at all costs. If you know what you are getting earlier, you also get a chance to research more and get great deals on the present. For presents; the earlier you get them, the better.

What to Look Out For

Some factors, which are not the budget, can ruin or improve your overall plan. Here are some factors to look out for as you plan your “epic” event

The Weather

The weather in the UK has to be one of the most unpredictable phenomena in the world and that is something that might affect the overall outcome of your event. This is especially important for outdoor activities. Make sure that you consistently consult with reliable weather forecast sources before going out. You do not want to end your day wet and chilly.

Be Happy!

If you are happy, that happiness will transcend your child. There is no reason to be gloomy. Cheer up and make the event the best there could ever be. With the amount, you are spending, there is no need to waste it by being sad. If you follow this template, we doubt there will be a reason to frown.

You Can Break Rules!

Every household has rules, especially about diet-related choices. Well, for an event, you can break rules. That is what makes it special. If you want your kid to remember, the event, it’s not a bad idea to pour them that coke that they are not allowed to drink. Give them that huge serving of ice cream. Remember you are in charge, be creative!

Planning and executing events in the UK are not the easiest tasks but if you have £20 trust us you have way more than enough to pull it off. The happiness that it brings to whoever you are doing it for is worth every penny and second of your time. Create memories and enjoy!